Rosie Pease

Rosie Pease is a native Rhode Islander but has lived in Vermont, New York, and Ohio. She uses the places she’s traveled to as inspiration for the settings of her cozy mysteries, pulling the theater from one, the cider mill from another, the river from another to create a fictitious town that feels familiar.

Her desk is a mess, but she can find everything on it, so it works for her as long as things aren't falling onto the keyboard as she writes. When she’s not crafting cozy mysteries, she’s playing with her toddler, hanging out with her husband, or being amused by her two crazy cats.

When the Cat's Away
Cookies and Curses
Scones and Spells
Catastrophe on the Road
Catastrophe at the Canyon
Catastrophe on a Cruise
Weddings and Witchcraft
Potluck and Powers
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