Welcome to scenic Maine! Blueberry Bay is a gorgeous coastal region not too far from Bangor; it provides the perfect place for a quick trip or to call your forever home. Here, the lobster rolls are always fresh and delicious, while the murders sometimes come with a special side of magic.

We have many books and series set here. Scroll down to check them out!

Calico Conflict
Persian Penalty
Grizzly Grievance
Deer Duplicity
Icing and an Incident
Custard and a Crisis
Sprinkles and a Situation
Mint Chocolate Chip Mysteries, Books 1-3
Furgone Conclusion
The Whacked Witch
Pet Whisperer P.I.: Books 10-12 Special Boxed Collection
Legal Seagull
Tuxedo Bravado
Tabby Trouble
Pet Whisperer P.I. Mega Boxed Set, Books 1-10
Ginger Danger
Claws of Justice
Little Dog Diner, Books 4-6 Special Edition Boxed Set
Little Dog Diner, Books 1-3 Special Edition Boxed Set
Dicing Up Disaster
Pet Whisperer P.I.: Books 7-9 Special Boxed Collection
Pet Whisperer P.I.: Books 4-6 Special Boxed Collection
Lawless Litter
Retriever Ransom
Hoppy Holiday Homicide
Himalayan Hazard
Raccoon Racketeer
Crumbling Up Crooks
Cooking Up Chaos
Dishing Up Deceit
Serving Up Suspects
Mixing Up Murder
Pet Whisperer P.I.: Books 1-3 Special Boxed Edition
Chihuahua Conspiracy
The Cat Caper
Dog-Eared Delinquent
Hairless Harassment
Terrier Transgressions
Kitty Confidential
Black Cat Benefit
Meowy Christmas Mayhem