Emmie Lyn has lived in New England for most of her life. With scenic mountains, endless beaches, and charming small towns nearby, it’s easy to find an adventure for this outdoor loving writer… and settings for her mysteries. Her words create entertaining stories that everyone enjoys.

Emmie shares her world with her husband, a rescue terrier, and a cat with a bad attitude. When she’s not busy thinking of ways to kill off a character, she enjoys tea and chocolate in her flower garden or spending time with her grandchildren.

Calico Conflict
Icing and an Incident
Custard and a Crisis
Sprinkles and a Situation
Mint Chocolate Chip Mysteries, Books 4 – 6
Mint Chocolate Chip Mysteries, Books 1-3
Dogs and Donuts, Books 1-3
Black Cat Crossing
Furgone Conclusion
Tuxedo Bravado
Tabby Trouble
Ginger Danger
Claws of Justice
Little Dog Diner, Books 4-6 Special Edition Boxed Set
Little Dog Diner, Books 1-3 Special Edition Boxed Set
Dicing Up Disaster
Crumbling Up Crooks
Cooking Up Chaos
Dishing Up Deceit
Serving Up Suspects
Mixing Up Murder
Hints and a Homicide
Scents and a Suspect
Trails and a Traitor
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