Tuxedo Bravado

Tuxedo Bravado
Series: Mint Chocolate Chip Mysteries, Book 4
Genres: Blueberry Bay, Cozy Mysteries
Tag: Cover by Lou Harper

I’m Sunny Shaw and once again, catastrophe has landed at my front door.

Go figure.

I never thought a simple kitty rescue could take such a deadly turn, and that I’d end up smack dab in the middle of a murder investigation. Or that I’d have to worry about a one-eyed pirate, a flirty waitress, and a real live scarecrow at our pre-Halloween Tuxes and Tails fundraiser.

It’s not easy to solve a crime in an evening gown and heels. The race is on to untangle lies from truth, and I’m sure there’s a whopper in there somewhere.

Jasper, get your tiara in place. It’s up to us to follow the clues before they lead the cops in a great big circle . . . right back to us.

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