Trails and a Traitor
Series: The Accidental Ghost Detective, Book 2
Genres: Paranormal Cozies, Peach Plains Paranormal

The town fair has brought visitors to Moonlight Mansion and they’re keeping proprietor Nikki Knight and her cohorts hopping like the bullfrogs the town is named after.

What’s a burgeoning detective with a ghostly grandmother, and two mischievous dogs, supposed to do when she finds a dead body trapped under a massive frog balloon?

Why start up an investigation of course!

Nikki has a sneaking suspicion the person, or persons, responsible for the crime are staying under her roof, and discovering information is harder than she initially thought. She needs the help of the newest member of the Accidental Ghost Detective Agency…which means revealing all of her secrets.

Will Lacey send her off to the looney bin in a glittery pink straitjacket when she learns the truth? Or will her once rival, turned best friend, join forces with the zany cast of characters to help untangle the snarled web that has become her life once again?

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