The Whacked Witch

The Whacked Witch

The name’s Good, Guy Good. And yes, I’ve heard all the jokes. Unfortunately, choosing names for boys has never mattered much to my family, because we were all born without magic.

Now as a single father to a four-year-old princess in training, I’m trying to do better.

That’s not always easy, thanks to my nosy, no-good neighbor who is always causing trouble for us. Then she goes and does the worst thing yet—she gets murdered. And leaves me as the primary suspect.

Now I’ve got a witchy cop and her black cat familiar hot on my trail as I dig into this small town’s magical secrets to find out who really did the deed. But how can a simple, non-magical son of a witch like me, single out just one suspect when it seems that everyone had a motive to whack this witch?

If you love page-turning whodunits with feline sidekicks and a sprinkle of magic, you’ll love F.M. Storm’s newest twist on the genre.

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