The Fool

The Fool
Series: Prediction: Murder, Book 2
Genres: Blueberry Bay, Cozy Mysteries
Tag: Cover by Lou Harper
ASIN: B0932C9RR2

After returning to her hometown, inheriting her late cousin’s estate, and solving a mystery, Harper Kagel was ready for some rest and relaxation. When some friends from her Cold Case Club make plans to head to a nearby bed and breakfast, Harper looks forward to a few days in the lap of luxury.

The secret crime solving society no sooner leaves the Steepwick town limits when there’s a development in an age-old cold case. Their excitement over the possibility of solving this mystery pales in comparison to something else–a murder in their backyard.

Promises of days lounging by the pool give way to sleuthing as the intrepid group takes on the challenge of finding a killer. Once she returns home, Harper has the added pressure of sensing the presence of her ancestors in her newly inherited home.

But what are the ancestors trying to tell her? And will it cause a rift with the newly regenerated relationship she has with her ex?

The Fool is the second book in Prediction:Murder, a quirky cozy mystery from Vickie Carroll. Get your copy and escape into the quaint town of Steepwick today!

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