Tabby Trouble
Series: Mint Chocolate Chip Mysteries, Book 3
Genres: Blueberry Bay, Cozy Mysteries
Tag: Cover by Lou Harper

I’m Sunny Shaw and, lately, trouble is my middle name.

Things are close to normal again when someone dumps a tiny box of kittens in my lap. I figure I’ll get them back to their mother and go about my business. No harm, no foul.

Except, I never expected to stumble over a body. Nor did I think a ten-year-old girl would be the only witness to the murder. Even worse? There’s a rare bird worth a fortune somehow mixed up in this mess.

Ruffling a few feathers is the least of my worries, especially since my goose might get cooked if I don’t hurry up and solve this case.

Come on, Jasper. We have kittens to take care of, a little girl to protect, and a killer on the loose. Surviving this one will take all of our smarts.

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