Mixing Up Magic, Books 1-3 Special Collection

Mixing Up Magic, Books 1-3 Special Collection
Series: Mixing Up Magic
Genres: Blueberry Bay, Boxed Sets
Tag: Cover by Melony Paradise

A matchmaking baker for the living and the dead?

I've never been wrong with cookies or love, and it's made me the center of the rumor mill in my quirky small town. I can ignore the gossip about me being a witch, but there is a paranormal secret I’d rather keep under my hat. I can see ghosts. And suddenly, they need my help.

That was never a part of my business plan. Neither was falling for the new single dad in town. Too bad I can’t use my matchmaker skills on myself.

My love life aside, if I can’t figure out the mystery of why spirits are coming between the couples I've connected, then my matches won’t get their happily ever afters. Failing could conjure the end of my livelihood too, especially if my secret gets out. Witch or no witch, I can't let the cookie crumble on my career.

Ghosts, it's time to meet your baker.

If you enjoy witchy cozy mysteries with a culinary twist and a side of sweet romance, then you do not want to miss your chance to binge this special boxed collection of the first three books in the Mixing Up Magic series. Enjoy!

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