Innherited Magic
Series: Bedlam and Breakfast, Book 1
Genres: First in Series, Hollisbury Hill, Paranormal Cozies

A charming Bed & Breakfast, a witch with a cat allergy, and plenty of Innherited magic!

When Loral Whitaker is forced to start over at fifty-one, she finds herself moving states and crashing with her ex and his new husband, at their enchanting B&B in the farm country of Rhode Island.

Everything about the small town of Hollisbury screams rustic charm—except for Darin’s relentlessly nosy landlord, Maryum, who’s constantly snooping around behind trees.

Just when Loral thinks the woman can’t get any weirder, Maryum presents Loral with an unexpected offer—the deed to the quaint little Inn, in exchange for Loral watching over Maryum’s home while she takes an ‘extended’ vacation.

Loral knows it sounds too good to be true, but as they say… no risk, no reward.

One handshake later, and it quickly becomes clear that this isn’t just a normal house or a normal offer. No, it comes with magical gifts, a cat familiar, and a millennium old feud with an even grumpier witch who is used to getting what she wants…

Innherited Magic is the first book in the Bedlam and Breakfast Cozy Paranormal Mystery Series from Rosalie Hunter. 

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