Hexed Hair Day

Hexed Hair Day
Series: Once Upon a Witch, Book 4
Genres: Paranormal Cozies, Peach Plains Paranormal
Tag: Cover by TM Franklin

This beauty witch has to rescue herself when her hometown gets a close shave with a Scrooge of a thief.

When it comes to hair, my long, silky mane of fairytale renown is the envy of every woman in town. These lovely locks aren't only for looks—they're also the source of my beauty magick!

Unlike another long-haired princess trapped in a turret, the only tower I'm hiding in is one of my own makings. An unprincely royal broke my heart during a Christmas Eve past and left my emotions in a tangled mess.

When a thief steals the angel topper from our town’s Christmas wishing tree, I'm forced out of my holiday funk to ferret out the bandit. Soon I get an unwanted fringe benefit—the return of the pompous prince, and he's determined to help.

No potion or spell will heal my heart, (believe me, I’ve tried), but perhaps working side-by-side with him will. Can I leave my comfort zone and comb the town for the tree's lost topper and the person who took it? Or will my hair tie me—and my prince—up in a fatal end?

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