Cupcakes & Chaos

She's delivering cupcakes...and a corpse?

Ava Decker leaves the accounting world to work as a pastry chef. It's the first step on her path to fulfilling her dream of owning a bakery. Ava knows she has what it takes to turn life's lemons into the sweet smell of success, and she's eager to get started.

But when her boss turns up dead in the back of a delivery truck Ava was driving, the police finger her for the crime! Things only get worse when the police learn that Ava is the sole heir of the victim's estate—including the bakery.

Now Ava's dream is to clear her name, even if it means leaning on her best friend and an adorable kitten for assistance. Can this team of amateur sleuths find the real killer? Or will Ava be forced to trade in her chef's coat and hat for a prison uniform?

Cupcakes & Chaos is the first delicious cozy mystery in the Frosted Misfortunes series from Lisa Siefert. If you like cute animal sidekicks and bonus recipes, then get your copy now so you can enjoy this sweet whodunit!

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