Crumbling Up Crooks
Series: Little Dog Diner, Book 5
Genres: Blueberry Bay, Cozy Mysteries
Tags: Cover by Lou Harper, Holiday

Don’t get married on Christmas Eve, they said.

The holiday will overshadow your special day, they insisted.

Little did they know that a shockingly festive murder would put everything else on hold.

When all signs point to my sometimes friend, sometimes rival, Detective Crenshaw, I’ll need to work fast so that he’s not forced to spend his holiday in the slammer. But in throwing myself feet first into the real crook’s crummy conspiracy, I could be risking so much more than a spoiled day… The future of my forthcoming marriage could very well be on the line too.

Oh, boy… Can Pip and I solve this one in record time so that my fiancé’s and my perfect day can go off without another major hitch?

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