Clone of Mint Chocolate Chip Mysteries, Books 4 – 6

Shakes, cakes . . . and murder. What a delicious combination!

Well, it’s another day and another mystery for Sunny Shaw! Once again, catastrophe has landed at her front door and she’ll need all her amateur sleuthing skills to keep her head—and tails—above water.

Whoever would’ve thought a simple kitty rescue could take such a deadly turn?

Now, her and her pal’s are dealing with one disaster after another, all while serving the tastiest cakes and shakes in Pineville. Dead bodies, catastrophic weddings, questionable celebrities - It’s up to Sunny and her friends to solve the crimes and find the killers, all while keeping the town stocked with delicious sweet treats.

Come to Blueberry Bay and indulge in this quirky cozy mystery series. Binge the second three books - Tuxedo BravadoFurgone Conclusion, and Calico Conflict - in this special boxed collection today!

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