A Dashie Discovery

Hi, I’m Leslie Winters, and when I left Houston for my hometown of Pecan, Texas, I needed a do-over in a big way. So I set up shop in my dad’s old shed and took on clients less likely to run off with now-cheating exes.

My pet-grooming business turned out to be a pretty fun way to make ends meet… until I dropped off two tough Pomeranian clients at their home, and found their dead owner waiting for us.

Then local law enforcement finds me at the scene, and my dachshund finds the murder weapon right in front of them. Oh, boy!

Now I’m out to solve the crime before a certain dreamy detective tries to collar me for the crime. But someone is on my tail, and they’re making it clear they don’t want me to investigate.

After a few close shaves, I’m now more determined than ever to solve this case. Can I figure out whodunnit before I wind up in deep do-do or worse?

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